We have let this blog lay stagnant for five years now.  It was time to see if people were still out there listening.  Many things have changed since we left Peru. I serve the First Presbyterian Church of Mount Pleasant, TX as their pastor. Our family has grown with the addition of a dog and two children.  We have found ourselves overly busy, yet still able to enjoy our lives.  We have continued to be international as we have hosted exchange students and traveled (I went to Barcelona, Dublin, Belfast & all over Scotland).  Mount Pleasant is our current home, which is a rural town on I-30 (North of Tyler, way East of Dallas).  Although we are both born and raised city folk, we have enjoyed living more or less in the country. Arriving in Northeast Texas, we experienced significant culture shock maybe more than being in Peru.  Southern culture is very prominent in East Texas including the good, the bad and the ugly sides of it.  African-American, Latino, and Anglos tend to segregate themselves coming together only at Wal-Mart and the public schools. Embracing the local culture we have a significant vegetable garden in our back yard and one day we might try raising chickens, but Sarah’s not too fond of the idea.  It is a safe environment to raise kids so we now have two, Daniel and Lydia!  Our work has been both stressful and fulfilling!  If you are still out there let us know.